Academic and professional training

Academic and professional training

Our research provides new approaches, methodologies and practices that translate into adaptation and policy instruments, with recommendations across disciplines. At SECOS, we incorporate undergraduate, master, doctoral and postdoctoral scientists into all research themes and learning platforms, thereby providing them with advanced training and applied skills in SES systems thinking and practice.

Training includes natural resource management, ecosystem processes, economic valuation of ecosystem services, experimental work on multiple stressors, animal physiology, experimental economics and institutional analysis.

In the current era of environmental challenges, such linked perspectives are rapidly gaining ground in science worldwide, are a strong priority among funding organizations, and are in high demand in the science-policy-practice interface. Our students will be the new generation of researchers to lead future research on SES in many universities (national and foreign). Training enables them to integrate governmental agencies and private enterprises, where connections with academy are currently lacking or incipient.

Due to the focus of the center on developing learning platforms, training in SECOS involves hands-on field research. Students work with partnered organizations and take advantage of networking opportunities with community leaders and policymakers.

Finally, SECOS works on developing capacities for SES research at formal undergraduate and post-graduate level courses, using laboratories and marine field stations at SECOS associated universities.