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In SECOS, we work with an interdisciplinary natural and social sciences approache to explore the effects of multiple, and often synergistic, drivers of social and environmental change in coastal social-ecological systems. When exchanging knowledges, it is essential to take into account social, cultural and political aspects, as they are key to creating imaginaries and narratives in the various groups of society. Therefore, co-creation in SECOS is coordinated by two fields of work: Arts + Science Integration and Science and Public Policy.

Arts, in their multiple forms, have the potential to influence values, behaviors and the emotional connections we have with the environment, create new imaginaries and produce new knowledge that will help us in the transition to a sustainable future

In our vision, co-production of knowledge incorporates the process of co-creation – that is, the crossovers between Arts + Science – as a multidirectional dialogue between artists and artisans, scientists, cultural managers, decision makers, educational communities and the communities at large. This interdisciplinary integration implies a constant communication between knowledge beyond disciplinary frameworks by incorporating experiences, visions, desires, dreams, popular wisdom and diverse ways of understanding knowledge and our relationship with the environment.

Moreover, interacting with public policy can contribute to exchanging knowledge to deal with the challenges of the different social-ecological systems addressed by SECOS. We understand that knowledge flows and connects from science, praxis and public policies, which through a co-production approach seek solutions to advance towards coastal sustainability. Thus, Science & Public Policy area has a central objective: to inform public policies and decision making with evidence to support a transition towards the sustainability of coastal social-ecological systems.

Arts + Science Integration


Integración Artes + Ciencia.
Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción

Fernanda Oyarzún


Innovation Catalyst, Design Strategist, Artist & Extrapreneur.
University of Washington

Genevieve Tremblay

Science & Public Policy


Intercambio de Conocimiento entre la Ciencia y la Política Pública
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Francisca Reyes

Nicolás Muñoz